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21 September 1989
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About J's Journal On Fandom

Welcome! :D You may call me J.

In honor of 2008 I have made a new journal, in order to inspire myself to be more positive and intelligent in my personal ramblings. You are only as down as you let yourself feel – and I refuse to let life pull me under any longer.

I am in the middle of moving, and currently involved in a serious relationship with my beautiful girlfriend K; we live in a small apartment with a handful of pets, and more bills than we can handle.

I mention to K often – including references to our time between the sheets.. and for that, I advise persons under the age of 17 to avoid my personal entries so your youthful minds aren't contaminated by the carpet munching. :)

I thrive on my fandoms – Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, celebrities (including Eminem, Matt Hardy, Jared Leto, etc), and anything as equally shameless and clichéd. Use of the word "over-rated" will get you nothing but a cool stare after you've entered my journal – there's no such thing.